Embodied Arts Testimonials

Here's what students have to say about Rebecca's work and Embodied Arts!

"You have a gift for drawing out and allowing the creativity of each person in their own ways. Your ease with yourself and deep listening skills give us ease and playfulness."
— Lou Ann Keleher, Global Somatics apprentice

"By playing with the bones in an honoring, healthy space, you enable us to arrive at a healthier inner and outer relationship."
— Sam Grant, organizer

"I never would have thought that my bones could be an endless source of inspiration!"
— anonymous


Would you recommend this class to others? If so, why, and what sorts of people?

"Absolutely! Artists, bodyworkers, writers, dancers, pedestrians, aspiring artists of any kind. Everyone!"

"Yes. Checking ourselves out in an embodied and transpersonal way is a necessary component of social transformation work."

"Definitely. Probably everyone."

— June 2008 students of Embodying the Bones: through Writing, Moving, Drawing


Healing a Broken Shoulder

"After surgery on a complete break of the "ball" from my upper arm bone, my whole arm was swollen and acutely painful. Rebecca's expert touch on my shoulder area relieved a great deal of unnecessary tension. She guided the fluids bloating my hand and elbow back up to be absorbed. When I continued the gentle technique she taught me, the swelling virtually disappeared in two days. My recovery time was shortened.

Once my bone healed, Rebecca helped coax my stiff shoulder joint back into harmony with the rest of my body. She has vast knowledge of the various body systems, and deep skill at integrating them through touch and movement.

Her work complemented that of the physical therapists' and played a key role in my complete recovery of mobility and strength. I wouldn't have healed completely without Rebecca's expertise and perceptive touch."

— Erika Thorne, May 2012